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FREE MN Wedding Photography Checklist

Now that you have most things figured out, how do you know what pictures to have taken at your wedding?  Well it can be confusing and frustrating not knowing what photo's you will be getting after the event is done.  That is why we created this FREE Wedding Photography Checklist for you to use and let your Photographer know what photo's you would like done if time allows and the shots are available.

Minnesota wedding photographyComplete the checklist along with your information and hit the submit button at the end of the checklist.  The checklist will then get emailed to us and we will send you a copy of it as well.

IF it is a same sex wedding, we will try to capture the equivalent to each shot below and all applicable shots.  This is just a tool to help the Photographer(s).  This is NOT an exact guide to what you will be getting.  Uncheck any shots below that you don't want.

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Photo's You Would Like / Ideas:


DISCLAIMER: We have a "NO DROP" policy for ALL of our equipment.  If it is dripping or raining at any level it can wreck nearly any piece of our equipment.  We CAN'T take any chances.  If rain or inclement weather occurs during any part of an event, we must shut down immediately no matter what!  If we are completely protected by a shelter then we are safe of course.


Wedding Date

Email Address

Phone Number

Best Time to Contact You

Message / Notes

Is Flash Photography Allowed?
(Some Churches and Venues Do Not Allow It)

Event /Photo Locations - Name and Address
(Please Include All Locations and Details)

Hobbies and Interests You Share
(Can help us think of unique pictures/poses)

Photographer Timeline For the Day
(Start and End Times - Approximate)


Family Portrait Photo List
(Please remove or add any desired)


Other Notes / Comments

Describe Your Ideal Photographer and Photo Style

Can We Post Some Nice Pics to Our Facebook Page and Tag You?


Like Us / Follow Us so we can connect.

Photo Delivery Preference:

 Send me JUST the best edited photos.
(For an all day shoot, this would be typically 200 - 300 photo files)

 Send me nearly all the photos with similar/duplicates removed.
(An all day shoot would be about 500 - 800 typically.)

 Send them all, even if they are not that great.
(This can be very overwhelming, an all day shoot could result in 800 - 1500 photos)

Meal Provided for the Photographer(s)?


How Would You Like the Photographer to Dress?

A suite or formal button up shirt with tie. Female: A dress or business suit style outfit.

 Semi Formal 
Polo, Dress Pants and Dress Shoes.

Still looks nice, but can wear shorts/jeans and tennis shoes.

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